Slat Chain / Cotton Belt Conveyors are widely used in the industry due to the modularity offered by its construction. Slat Chain / Cotton Belt Conveyors can be practically used to convey baked products or empty moulds/trays. In a typical construction of a slat chain Conveyor, slats (formed metal sheet) are connected to strands of chain. The chain has special attachment on which these slats are mounted. Slats can be formed in L type, C type, U type construction. Slat Size & thickness of the slat depends upon the load & application requirements. Chain size & no. of strands of chain depends upon load on the Conveyor & the length of the Conveyor.
The construction of these slats is that it can be removed / replaced easily.

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Specifications Model – DE-SCC-M1           Dimension – Acc To Requirement Of Conveyor Length         Power – Single / 3 Phase   Capacity Type                                                                       Production Slat Chain / Cotton Belt Conveyor                 Depends Upon Length   Silent Features Easy in installation. Reducing labor force. Increases efficiency. Low […]

Conveyor – DE-C-M1