Floor Steel Tiles

Our Dazzle steel floor tiles is a time-proven product, designed and developed to cater to all types of forces operating on the industrial flooring e.g. mechanical, chemical, thermal and electro-magnetic. So far your requirement is concerned it relates to mechanical forces-friction-rolling & skidding, impact and point loads, which is the normal wear & tear existing on the flooring of the engineering industries like yours. The type of ‘Dazzle’ steel floor tiles selected for this purpose is M.S. Tiles, Perforated with or without anti-skid features depending on the movement of men, material and vehicles. Please note that perforation seen from top is self-anchors and are covered with high grade of concrete used for making C C blocks. The “Dazzle” Steel Floor Tiles top surface does not hammer sliding movements of goods. Over and above design, an angle of anchors is such that it is very difficult to dislodge the “Dazzle” Steel Floor Tiles from concrete. We always recommend using stagger pattern to get maximum advantage of “Dazzle” Steel Floor Tiles and list obstructions for movement of goods.

Dazzle Floor Steel Tiles are useful for auto mobile, bread / bakeries, dairies, cable manufacturers (power), copper wire processors, foundries, heavy industries, hospitality, loco sheds, tyre / rubber moulding mfg., etc in maintaining trouble free floor.

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Specifications Model – DE-FST-M1   Dimensions Floor M.S. Full Size Tile                               Floor M.S. Half Size Tile 250 X 250 X 25 mm (1.0mm)                      125 X 250 X 25 mm (1.0mm)   Material                                     […]

Floor Steel Tiles – Plain